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Paradise on Water - Dal Lake

Dal lake was an utterly mesmerising experience someone's going to cherish whole life. The lake is surrounded by the magnificent mountain range from all three sides. More than 20  movies have shot in this colourful water paradise. Trip of Jammu and Kashmir will be incomplete without a stay on the houseboat at Dal Lake. It's a paradise on water spread around 15 km approx and has an average depth of almost 5 ft and a maximum depth of 20 ft. The beauty of Dal lake gets enhanced during sunrise and sunset. DAL LAKE: Stay on water-Houseboat The local people owned all the houseboat with the unusual and different name and anchored on the Dal lake. It has been intricately carved and design with very light and robust wood panelling according to the old traditional decor of  Jammu and Kashmir. The interior designing and decoration is terrific, highly impressive and is a treat to your eyes. Heartwarming and homely hospitality by the people will make you feel like home. P