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Bohemian Vibes....Rustic and full of colors.

As in the earlier blog, there were hues and hacks about the tiny house or one bedroom apartment decor. Let's bring some colours to home or I can say a little more colours. Yes, the bohemian style of decor. You must have heard this word so often in fashion and style, but many of you have not thought of styling your home in that way. It's all about you because there are not many particular  collections of rule or regulation for boho styling like other do except one need to explore, reinvent and experiment with an artistic sense and colours. Tribal inspiration, a lot of textures, floral, geometrical, comfort, style or antique and so on. There are no limits of imagination when it comes to the bohemian style of decor. Colours the wall....bold & bright Winter is the  around the corner and so colours will not only give  a warm effect but also change your mood. Be the free spirit while picking the colour for the walls. One can go for all the shades of colour and pattern on t

I am just worked up.......or broken- Initial Depression Stage.

I am just upset nothing else....I am worked up...pissed off with things in life..... I am not able to manage life and so on. These are now common words from people but these words are not that common actually. People mind having a habit of wrap thing because they think people mock their feeling and emotions. Omg, this is not the problem....come on stop crying like girls...etc instead of sympathizing them. Depression, a problem hard to accept but many of us are in the trap of the anxiety. What is depression?  I am not a doctor even I am not a psychiatrist but at some point of time I was also a prey of this like others...even though it was for the very short time. Stress level is gone up as everybody has become so competitive, ambitious and expectation are so high. Right from the school level to rest of levels of life. There a lot more times in life when people feel empty, sad, hopeless, helpless, worthless, irritated, ashamed, restless and failed.  In a worldwide research cove

White Castle of Love - Taj Mahal

No doubt this phenomenal excellence of Indian history is one the 7 wonders of the world. Many time you have heard of stories about Taj Mahal so while writing this article I was a bit confused that what new I should quote in this blog. Even after staying in Agra for more 2 years and visiting this place more than 5 times I have only noticed the thing I have already heard so many times. So I have decided to revisit it again not as the same way I have done it before. The experience and excitement of traversing this place had got double after knowing these astonishing facts. Mumtaj -Shahjahan The real name of the Shah Jahan was Khurram Sahib-ud-din Muhammad and Mumtaz Mahal's was Arjumand Banu Begum. She was the third wife of Shah Jahan but the relation was unique with her. But it has lasted for 19 years and she was passed away while the birth of the 14th child. Height of Taj Mahal Anyone will get surprised to know about this fact that Taj Mahal is taller than Qutub Minar.

Tiny House Hacks : Virtually Expand Square Feet.

Do you have seen the famous movie Wake up Sid character Ayesha and her House Hacks? Cities are growing and developing day by day so as the people seeking the way to metros but problems arise when it comes to the living space for them. Big city and small space for a living are like a nightmare. Its big problem to manage and organize the lifestyle to metros in a small space. Many time because of wrong decor style make the room look shabby and cluttered. Nobody wants everytime you enter in your house you feel like hell. You can't shift the walls of our room so these are small and important hacks to trick your eyes to create an illusion of small space appear area more spacious. House Hacks : Walls-say no to dark colours So maybe these are tiny but crucial hue in your mission to virtually expand your square foot. Covering with right colours and shades to the walls and ceiling will help space appear as large. The answer to this question is lighter and monochromatic shade likes so