Bohemian Vibes....Rustic and full of colors.

As in the earlier blog, there were hues and hacks about the tiny house or one bedroom apartment decor. Let's bring some colours to home or I can say a little more colours. Yes, the bohemian style of decor. You must have heard this word so often in fashion and style, but many of you have not thought of styling your home in that way. It's all about you because there are not many particular  collections of rule or regulation for boho styling like other do except one need to explore, reinvent and experiment with an artistic sense and colours. Tribal inspiration, a lot of textures, floral, geometrical, comfort, style or antique and so on. There are no limits of imagination when it comes to the bohemian style of decor.

Colours the wall....bold & bright

Winter is the  around the corner and so colours will not only give  a warm effect but also change your mood. Be the free spirit while picking the colour for the walls. One can go for all the shades of colour and pattern on the wall. Orange, pastel-yellow, fruity, lush, grass-green, peacock-blue, marigold yellow and a lot more. Patterns and wallpapers will always work for gipsy taste. One can also experiment with wooden panels or exposed brick pattern wall.

Furniture style

Rustic coffee table, retro chair, ottoman, hand painted furniture, floor to ceiling bookcase, antique or upholstered wooden bed will work like anything, Throw fun colour pillows and cushion in abundance with a lot of pattern and texture. One of the best parts of boho decor is my favorite kind of sitting setup that is flooring, mattress with piles of cushions and  we could feel cosy up for the weekend. Hanging furniture means fabric swings, hammocks  will do magic in open area or outdoors.

Tapestries,curtain and rugs....

As the fabric is an important part of bohemian style so don't skip any chance of involving it. Like for the rest of the decor for rugs also you can for bold pattern and colour. Moroccan, ikat, jute, shags, southwestern, cowhide and a lot more.Use  more carpets and rugs for bohemian style because no rugs and carpets mean no bohemian style. Avoid tailored, traditional and sophisticated curtains. Sheer fabric, beaded strings, shabby drapes and bamboo blind and macrame curtain are also going to give a trial bohemian look.

Accessorise.. with no limits

Accessories to add a focal point in your ideas of artistic decoration. People get often get confused thinking that it will turn into messy and unorganised but this is about layering up  everything in order to curate a perfect taste. Lots of flea market art and craft stuff will say it all for your place. Moroccan lantern, lots of plants, abstract painting, antique sculptures; etc. A stack of books collected by you over the time, wooden wine rack, pottery and vases will create a rustic look.

Use the every corner

It's a very good thing about the boho decor that you can use the corner for open storage or display of collectable treasure found while travelling. You can create a reading nook with the retro chair and ottoman.

Last but not the least I am going to advise you not to bind yourself into any limits while doing or thinking about bohemian has no limits of imagination.
 Happy homes.


  1. Descriptive and detailed information about the deco.
    Great quality article.

    1. Thank you so much dear. Keep reading and encouraging.


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