I am just worked up.......or broken- Initial Depression Stage.

I am just upset nothing else....I am worked up...pissed off with things in life..... I am not able to manage life and so on. These are now common words from people but these words are not that common actually. People mind having a habit of wrap thing because they think people mock their feeling and emotions. Omg, this is not the problem....come on stop crying like girls...etc instead of sympathizing them. Depression, a problem hard to accept but many of us are in the trap of the anxiety.

What is depression? 

I am not a doctor even I am not a psychiatrist but at some point of time I was also a prey of this like others...even though it was for the very short time. Stress level is gone up as everybody has become so competitive, ambitious and expectation are so high. Right from the school level to rest of levels of life. There a lot more times in life when people feel empty, sad, hopeless, helpless, worthless, irritated, ashamed, restless and failed.
 In a worldwide research covering India, says one in five women and one in 10 men are suffering from serious grief at some point in time in life. 5% of total population is living mental trouble which translates 50 million people and that is a huge number. Imagine daily you walk in front of so many people who are actually trapped without getting any idea of it.


There are several forms of anxiety and mood disorders. They drop interest in things once it was pleasurable, overeating or loss of appetite, excessive sleeping, insomnia, not able to concentrate, avoid sitting with someone or in a group, block sharing feeling or talking, having the problem in making decision, forget things easily. Recently Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone has overcome this problem and told everyone it is a misconception that people who even economically stable can face this problem. Mental health is equally important as physical health.


Economic difficulties, work stress, loss of loved one, natural disaster, relationship failure, academics problem, social isolation, jealousy, separation, physical abuse, bullying, peer pressure, examination failure etc.

How may I help you?

Many time you notice all above things and think it just normal things anyone can face. Even whenever people search anything about this they always get very complicated and clinical information about this so it is very hard to accept this problem. Not everyone needs a doctors or psychiatrist. If someone is in a very origin state of this problem need only counselling and support of people around them is not let it increase.Noticing the continuous behaviour changes of the person then don't just ignore. giving them a hug will not help them in crisis but it will make them feel better. Following are the hues for routine changes that will not only help them but also improve mental health.
1)Eat wholesome
2)Exercise and physically active
4) 8 hours proper sleep
5)Social connect yourself. 
6)Take help counsellor or Doctor in any case.
7)Avoid negative vibes and try something new daily.

So next time you see or notice that don't avoid because your help will prevent any deadly decision of your dear one.


  1. Well described i would like to add,it has very wast area to cover and feeling differ from person to person " जूता पहनने वाले को ही पता चलता है कि यह कहाँ काट रहा है "


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