Tiny House Hacks : Virtually Expand Square Feet.

Do you have seen the famous movie Wake up Sid character Ayesha and her House Hacks? Cities are growing and developing day by day so as the people seeking the way to metros but problems arise when it comes to the living space for them. Big city and small space for a living are like a nightmare. Its big problem to manage and organize the lifestyle to metros in a small space. Many time because of wrong decor style make the room look shabby and cluttered. Nobody wants everytime you enter in your house you feel like hell. You can't shift the walls of our room so these are small and important hacks to trick your eyes to create an illusion of small space appear area more spacious.

House Hacks :

Walls-say no to dark colours

So maybe these are tiny but crucial hue in your mission to virtually expand your square foot. Covering with right colours and shades to the walls and ceiling will help space appear as large.
The answer to this question is lighter and monochromatic shade likes soft shades of off-white green and blue. As the darker shades observe light and which will feel smaller so that is why use light shades as they reflect the light making it seem brighter and roomier. For the ceiling, you can go for a pop colour to create depth and height.

House Hacks 1


House Hacks 3
Consider the corners of your room before you make any buying decision. If there is a lack of space, it is always wise to buy furniture that can be pulled to the edges of the room to avoid taking much floor space. Using multifunctional furniture is a magic trick to fulfil our many needs and activities like your living area can be converted into your comfy bedroom. Living room by day and bedroom by night one can use a sofa cum bed, sitting cum bed or low floor bedding for that matter, a cabinet cum table will be a solution for both storage and table. 

House Hacks 2

House Hacks 4


You have small space in your suburban cape for the kitchen as well so you need to keep it fuss-free. As there is a scarcity of space you have to focus on the main function to make sure you have the appliances and work area according to your need. Next thing is storage in a kitchen as we have utensils, pot, gadgets and need keep it in your reach. Do not stuff it with any unusual thing as one needs to keep it simple so that it will be easy to clean regularly. Use DIY ideas to organize the groceries.

last but not the least the decor

Now comes to decorating the space.

1)the first thing you need to take care of is light a lot of light natural or artificial which will make your room look spacious.

2)You can put a big mirror on opposite wall it will again make the room look roomier and at the same time, it enhances the beauty of your home. the reason for using a mirror on the wall is it not only reflect the light but also reflect the view, thereby tricking the eyes into perceiving more space. 

3)Next thing is drape or curtains. You can opt for as same color as of the wall and high drapes and airy fabric. You can go for sheer fabric also. for rugs stripes,  pattern is a good option.

House Hacks 5
4) In the process of making your look airier please cut the clutter. Don't cover the wall with group small painting or decorative pieces because it makes wall crowded and busy, one large single painting will be sufficient heck.

5) An easy way to keep things  off the floor and free up walking space is to mount shelves. Use them to store books, pictures frames, or even clothes. Make sure to keep the color of the shelves will be coordinated with the wall of the room.

So, with  these House Hacks , a small room can virtually look more spacious and airy. 
Happy homes.


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