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Ruthless love- The Queen and Sultan

Love is ruthless unless you play it good and right. Life of queen Padmavati was an excellent example of this quote. She was known for her beauty in the whole country but still the respect and pride were above her life. This Rajput Queen's tale of sacrificing her life for the pride was engraved in Indian history. Queen Padmavati is a legendary queen mentioned in Padmavat an epic poem written by Malik  Mohammad Jayasi in 1504. Padmavati and Rawal Ratan Singh Princess of Shingha Clan and the daughter of king Gandharva and queen Champavati was very beautiful. When she became young her father had arranged a Sawyamvara so that she could get a brave king as her life partner. In that ceremony many kings were invited to show strength and eligibility to win the heart of princess Padmavati. After hearing about Padmavati's beauty, the king of Chittor Garh, Rawal  Ratan Singh went to the ceremony regardless having a wi and won her hand after defeating king Malkhan Singh. Chitt