Ruthless love- The Queen and Sultan

Love is ruthless unless you play it good and right. Life of queen Padmavati was an excellent example of this quote. She was known for her beauty in the whole country but still the respect and pride were above her life. This Rajput Queen's tale of sacrificing her life for the pride was engraved in Indian history. Queen Padmavati is a legendary queen mentioned in Padmavat an epic poem written by Malik  Mohammad Jayasi in 1504.

Padmavati and Rawal Ratan Singh

Princess of Shingha Clan and the daughter of king Gandharva and queen Champavati was very beautiful. When she became young her father had arranged a Sawyamvara so that she could get a brave king as her life partner. In that ceremony many kings were invited to show strength and eligibility to win the heart of princess Padmavati. After hearing about Padmavati's beauty, the king of Chittor Garh, Rawal  Ratan Singh went to the ceremony regardless having a wi and won her hand after defeating king Malkhan Singh.

Chittorgarh Fort

Betrayal of Raghav

Rawal Ratan Singh was a ruler, noble king and was a patron of art and music. There were so many talented people in his court and one of them was a musician named Raghav. Nobody was aware of that he was a sorcerer and unfortunately he was caught red handed while practising the magic, which was greatly displeased the king. Rawal Ratan Singh expelled him from the court and banished from Mewar. After the humiliation, Raghav made his way towards Delhi to take revenge.
Alla-ud-din Khilji

Alla-ud-din Khilji

In 12th and 13th centuries, the Sultanate of Delhi -the kingdom set up by the invaders was nevertheless growing in power. The Sultan of Delhi, Alla-ud-din khilji was a powerful and one of the most renowned Mughal ruler. Anyhow Raghav got the chance to appear in the court in front of the sultan and took the advantage of this golden opportunity to praise the beauty of queen Padmavati. Alla-ud-din-khilji decided to succeed Chittor (the capital of Mewar) after hearing about the beauty of its queen.
Padmini  Mahal

Meeting of Sultan and Queen

Alla-ud-din khilji marched his army to Chittor but on seeing the fort was highly guarded he felt disappointed. Realising that the breaching its defence would be near to impossible he came up with a clever plan. He sent an emissary to king Ratan Singh that he would return Delhi with his army if allowed a glimpse of beautiful queen Padmavati. Suspicious queen has declined the demand of meeting sultan. However, Rawal Ratan Singh has tried to talk to his queen into agreeing for he knew the power of the sultan. His request was finally granted as the queen got agreed but on one condition that Alla-ud-din should see her reflection in the mirror that too in the presences of her husband, accompanied by hundreds of females servants.

On seeing Padmavati's reflection in the mirror All-ud-din was awed by her beauty and his desire increased to secure her for him. While returning to his camp Sultan was accompanied by the king to the gate of the fort. Taking the opportunity of this time sultan with some powerful soldier who came along with him, kidnapped and brought the king to his camp as a prisoner. Now the sultan demanded the surrendered queen for his liberty. Queen Padmavati accepted the proposal and played a clever trick. She planned everything very smartly to release her husband and keep her pride also.

The Great Planning of Rajputs

The Rajputs decided to beat the sultan in his own game with the two brave soldiers Gora and Badal. Padmavati sent him a message that she is ready to surrender on the cost Rawal Ratan Shing's freedom. Next day at the crack of dawn, 700 soldiers dressed in woman attires and conceal inside one hundred and fifty palanquins left the fort and made their way towards the sultan's camp. When the palanquins reached to Alla-ud-din Khillzi's camp the Rajputs jumped out and attacked the sultan's unsuspecting soldiers and fought with courage. Gora died while fighting in the war, but they managed to save the king and take him back to Chittor.

Long siege and Divine Jauhar

After outwitted by Rajputs, the sultan's anger knew no bounds. He again attacked Chittor fort and lay siege. The siege being a long drawn one, the supplies within the fort gradually became depleted. Finally, the king decided to fight to finish with the besieging troop. With no option left available to avoid the disgraceful act of falling into enemy's arm and be torn into pieces, the women of Chittor has taken the extreme step of divine "Jauhar" (Suicide). A huge pyre was lit and the Queen followed in. Later all women jumped in the same fire.

Jauhar Kund 

Defeated even after winning

 The Rajputs fought valiantly in this battle but lost it. After the victory, the sultan entered in the fort encountered with ashes and burnt bones of the queen whose honour he his going to violate. He got stunned at this valour and honour of Rajputs and return back to Delhi.


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