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An impossible new year resolution - I Won't Lie.

Happy new year to everyone and all the best for making new and quite impossible resolutions like every year. I know many of you will have started thinking about the resolution, like this year I won't lie or I will try to be truthful maximum times to the people. But do you think is it a possible thing to do? maybe yes or maybe not. There are situations at times when you can't help yourself lying to another person and the fun fact is 62% of people tell average 2-3 lies in every minute and 91% of people lie regularly both at home and at work. Who knows we are also one of them. "The biggest lie ever- I have read and agree to the terms." Reasons or Excuses..... In 1877, Charles Darwin suggested that children as young as thirty months are capable of lying and children are more likely to lie if they see their parents doing it and getting away with it. Our ability to speak has increased our capacity of communication and therefore, lying as well. Ironically, peop