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A City Dedicated To Sufi Saint Salim Chisiti- Fatehpur Sikri

Royal, soulful, divine ... a place that is very close to my heart and I have visited this place more than five times. 40 Km away towards the west of Agra situated a place called Fatehpur Sikri. Once the capital of  Emperor Akbar for the period of 1571 to 1585. Preserving the history over many years, Sikri was the first planned city of Mughal. The efficient system of drainage and water supply adopted here suggest an extremely intelligent town planning by Mughal Emperor, but unfortunately, he abandoned this place due to the lack of water supply. This city is bound on three sides by the wall of six km, fortified by towers and pierced by nine gates. Fatehpur Sikri is listed among the world Heritage sites by the UNESCO. It is a well-preserved example of Mughal Architecture in India which took 15 years in planning and construction. The entire series of royal palaces, harems, courts, a mosque, private quarters and utility building, is a full day adventure for any history enthusiast. Let