''Little we have and little we need''- Money Saving Festive Decore

Finally bye! Summers and winters draw nearer with each passing moments. Welcome to everyone's favourite season of festivity and celebration. Festivity is all about tradition, nostalgia and bringing joy to our monotonous scheduled life. It's also a time that families and friends tend to gather and enjoy time together, often amidst the beautiful moments. All around this great big world of ours, we have our own individual style of celebration.
Throughout history, Autumn has been a season of harvest and reflection. Many cultures around the world take time during this cooling season to give thanks to bountiful yield and nature.

With all the preparations are going on you want to give a festive makeover and an ethereal glow to your space as well as. If you are on a kind of budget, you probably don't have to spend a lot on seasonal decoration. My post is just to help you out in this crisis and celebration at the same moment. At the minimum, you may get an idea of putting your own unique spark and magic.


It is evident that your walls are constructed to be fixed in one place, not your furniture. Revising and rearranging can do wonders with using what you already have at your home. This is where you are going to save a significant amount with a maximum change. You just have to keep balance and symmetry while rearranging. Try switching the place of your sofa or push the desk by a window to break the monotony and to improve the looks.  

Adding a traditional touch to your living room with "Indian Baithak" or vintage look. Glittery and colourful complimenting cushions of various shapes and sizes will heighten the beauty. Incorporate vintage and handmade items, not only because it is more affordable, but also because it puts love and a personal touch. Invite greenery inside to create an inviting atmosphere. 


A stunning wall piece, adding life to an otherwise dull wall. Making a patterned canvas to display on the wall is quite easy. You can create personalised fence according to you. Create a family gallery by presenting pictures of family members on the wall of the living room. Spice up your interior decor by displaying thing you have collected over the years while travelling. 

#Curtain makeover

Curtains are the fastest and easiest way to bring change, but instead of buying new curtains let's make some money-saving makeover. You can go for creativity, different drapes and add beaded strings in between of drapes. If you have single pattern curtains, mix it with the sheer plain curtains to give an entirely different look. Tieback or curtain holder add to accessorise and to provide a complete look to your door and window.


The age-old and straightforward way of beautifying the house is with candles and flower. Floating candles with flowers will never go out of trend and will always give an elegant feel to your space. Add some flowers in the vase and place them in the centre or a side table with some scented candles to give a classy feel. 
Garland on the stairs will enhance the beauty of a festival. Get all those marigold chains to add charm, and you can also use this for your entrance.

#Illuminate Everything

To make each auspicious occasion bright, energetic, unforgettable one and to make home charming...let the illumination take the lead. To create soft, flickering light in a dark corner add a group of inexpensive frosted-glass vases of different sizes and Tealight now enjoy the glow. Place a lantern at the entrance, doorway or hang Tealight holder in the lawn or garden to give a magnificent look. Add an Asian spin to your decor with the paper lantern! The lanterns are easy to make with the use of a card sheet or paper bag.

Celebrate who you are in your deepest heart. The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate. I hope this post will be helpful to create festivity in your home and to give a modern edge to the traditional festival. 
Happy festivity!


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