Pregnancy Totka (Myths)- Top superstition misconceptions I experienced.

I am sure the symptoms, feelings and delivery mode would be different, but one thing in common we all face is pregnancy myths. There are countless myths and old wives' tales about belly bump which still followed not only our country but worldwide. However, the blessing and celebration comes lots of advice and steeped in superstition.
I had serious faces and suffered a lot as my husband has been posted in the rural area. From the theory of not buying new clothes to not cross any bridge or river, there is a whole range of misconceptions. So, I am going a tell few of them, which I faced the most, and I am sure you can definitely correlate with them. Here we go...

(1).  Spicy food will burn the baby's eyes.

Myth- Spicy foods eaten during pregnancy can burn the baby's eyes, resulting in blindness.
Fact- The fact is spicy food can increase heartburn and acidity. 

(2).  Keep it secret for 3 months-

Myth- Don't spread or inform anyone about the pregnancy till 3 months at least as it will attract evil spirits.
Fact-  reasonable thing behind this is there are higher chances of miscarriage in the first trimester.

(3). Pregnancy glow..oh! it's a baby boy

Myth- If you are glowing in pregnancy, it will be a baby boy.
Fact- On the serious note, I had the worst skin during my pregnancy. In fact, I went several rounds of visiting a dermatologist. Pregnancy hormones just affect us all differently and its nothing to do with gender.

(4). Want fair everything white.

Myth- Eating coconut or everything white in colour will make your baby fair and eating anything dark in colour (iron contained) will turn your baby black complexion. 
Fact- Complexion is something totally related to your genes and staying off the iron or other nutrition may lead to serious consequences for both baby and mama.

(5). Severe heartburn indicates the hairy baby

Myth- Severe heartburn means you will go have a baby with heavy hair or great amount of hair on the head.

Fact- Again it is totally genetic and nothing to with hair on the head. It is ridiculous, as many women who complained severe heartburn deliver bald babies. It is mainly because of reflux esophagitis, during which the content of the stomach ( food) comes back up the food pipe.

(6). Drink ghee, if want a natural birth

Myth- It is believed that drinking ghee or refined butter will ease the delivery or help in natural birth.
Fact- Eating ghee in the appropriate amount is good, but drinking ghee can irritate the bowel and make you put on an unnecessary or excessive amount of weight.

(7). The new baby will get old thing first..

Myth- You should not buy anything for the baby before birth.
Fact- I agree with the scientific argument about this myth but still we can buy new things if we want. The fabric of new clothes may be treated with chemical and bleach which may harmful to the delicate skin of your baby. If your buying new clothes just wash them a couple of times and it should suffice.

Trust me there are a lot more bizarre superstition myths, old wives tales, misconceptions and misinformation worldwide. Thank god! I faced a few of them. Please let me about your experience if great superstition misconceptions.


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