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Natural Goodness for your Hair-Bellavita Organic Anti-Dandruff Hair Mask with Lavender Essential Oil

After Holi, the colors were still left to give a proof of celebration. Drying hair, itchy and oily scalp is resultant. I have tried my hands on Bellavita Organic Anti-Dandruff Keratin Hair Cream Mask. These days I am all in enjoying the benefits of Levander essential oil. It is designed to repair chemically treated dry hair. If you are sick of oily scalp and dry hair, this one is for you. How it works- 1)This intensive hair treatment cream is perfect for controlling unmanageable, frizzy & chemically damaged hair. Best suited for scalp balancing as well as controlling -dandruff. 2)This hair care treatment helps revive damaged hair and balances the scalp with reparative & softening effects. 3)It instantly absorbed leaving no wet or sticky effect. 4)The treatment is best to apply on damp hair (after shampoo) leave it on 10- 15 mins to allow the oils to penetrate strands and it'll give glossiness and strength to hair. The Complete Hair Spa Treatment Cream Process:

Bellavita 21 Herbs Face Mask- All in One For All Types of Skin

Good skin is an investment for the future. Getting a good product for your skin is not less than a blessing in this chemical age. Recently I started applying a face mask from Bellavita Organic 21 herbs. It is an all natural herbal and Ayurvedic miraculous face pack powder made from a unique formulation of organic herbs used in ancient Ayurvedic recipes. Each herb present in the 21 Herbs Face Mask for women and men has an independent quality and a positive effect on the skin. Ingredients  Vetiver, Musk Turmeric, Costus, Calamus, Galangal, Lodhra, Sandalwood, Red Sandalwood, Fuller’s Earth, Manjistha, Saffron, Karpura, Devdaru, Tulsi, Mulethi, Neelofar, Ashwagandha, Lajvanti, Rose Petals, Chamomile, Calendula, Nag Kesar. How to use:  Like every skin is different from one another, and so is the concern of skin. You can mix and use with different combo to target various skin concern. 1) Blemishes / Pigmentation = 21 Herbs + Papaya Juice / Gel   2)Acne / Pimples = 21 Herbs + N

Babyproofing Mantra- Bubble Wrap Your House Instead Of Baby

We all wait desperately to see our baby crawling and stand on his own. Most of the babies learn to crawl between the ages of 7 months and ten months.  You now have a real explorer on your hands as baby's development allows him to get up and get around. They get fascinated with everything around them like stairs, furniture, cords, doors, etc. Curiosity is blossoming, but judgment may lack behind. Babyproofing is for those few seconds when the baby reaches to something which not meant to play. 1) You can make it easy by acting like your baby. Yes! Take your home tour crawling everywhere and check which cords are hanging or uncover. Cover electrical outlets with plastic cap or boxes. 2) Look for TV, appliances and devices child can climb,  open and pullover on them.   3) Make sure cabinets are locked or put latches on cupboards and drawers.  4) Don't use tablecloth or placements, as your baby will pull them. Never leave your baby alone on the bed, the sofas and high c