Natural Goodness for your Hair-Bellavita Organic Anti-Dandruff Hair Mask with Lavender Essential Oil

After Holi, the colors were still left to give a proof of celebration. Drying hair, itchy and oily scalp is resultant. I have tried my hands on Bellavita Organic Anti-Dandruff Keratin Hair Cream Mask. These days I am all in enjoying the benefits of Levander essential oil. It is designed to repair chemically treated dry hair. If you are sick of oily scalp and dry hair, this one is for you.

How it works-
1)This intensive hair treatment cream is perfect for controlling unmanageable, frizzy & chemically damaged hair. Best suited for scalp balancing as well as controlling -dandruff.
2)This hair care treatment helps revive damaged hair and balances the scalp with reparative & softening effects.
3)It instantly absorbed leaving no wet or sticky effect.
4)The treatment is best to apply on damp hair (after shampoo) leave it on 10- 15 mins to allow the oils to penetrate strands and it'll give glossiness and strength to hair.

The Complete Hair Spa Treatment Cream Process:
STEP 1: Shampoo Hair using Shampoo and Towel Dry Hair.
STEP 2: Apply Lavender Hair Treatment to Hair after shampooing, from the roots to the length, by separating sections of Hair.
STEP 3: Massage and Let it sit for about 15-20 minutes and rinse out with clean water. Use it twice a week for quick results.

This formula contains Lavender Essential Oil and is enriched with Organic Argan Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B5. It leaves your mane instantly smoother, softer and shinier. Hair spa treatment cream is perfect to Control Dandruff and any scalp issues such as the dry, itchy or flaky scalp. The natural oils provide the right moisture to the scalp and help to balance the PH of Scalp and Hair strands.
This hair spa treatment cream deeply purifies scalp providing the right amount of nourishment to dry & weak hair strands, helping in controlling thinning of hair. Regular usage leaves hair visibly soft and shinier as well as scalp healthy and balanced.

*It is absolutely safe for coloured and chemically treated hair.
*It is made using only Natural ingredients and Safe Synthetics.
*It is totally Cruelty-Free, Paraben-Free, SLS/SLES Free, Mineral Oil Free, and Contains No Artificial Preservatives.

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  1. This product looks promising . Great review. I will definitely try this out.

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