Babyproofing Mantra- Bubble Wrap Your House Instead Of Baby

We all wait desperately to see our baby crawling and stand on his own. Most of the babies learn to crawl between the ages of 7 months and ten months.  You now have a real explorer on your hands as baby's development allows him to get up and get around. They get fascinated with everything around them like stairs, furniture, cords, doors, etc. Curiosity is blossoming, but judgment may lack behind. Babyproofing is for those few seconds when the baby reaches to something which not meant to play.

1) You can make it easy by acting like your baby. Yes! Take your home tour crawling everywhere and check which cords are hanging or uncover. Cover electrical outlets with plastic cap or boxes.
2) Look for TV, appliances and devices child can climb,  open and pullover on them.  
3) Make sure cabinets are locked or put latches on cupboards and drawers. 
4) Don't use tablecloth or placements, as your baby will pull them. Never leave your baby alone on the bed, the sofas and high chair.  
5) Use Doorstoppers to protect baby's finger. 
6) Be sure to place safety gates at the head and foot of your stairs.
7)  Cover all sharp furniture edges and corners with bumpers or safety padding.  
8)  Keep knives, breakable, heavy pans and other out of reach.  
9) Keep hair dryers, toasters and other appliances unplugged or turn off when you finished.  
10) Remove hanging toy from cot as your baby can try to get them and this will lead to something. Keep baby's crib free of pillows,  bumpers and stuffed animal or toys.
11) Try to keep clutter to a minimum, which will decrease the chance of an accident. Remove all the delicate pieces,  such as vases, showpiece, lamp, etc.  
12) Keep harmful chemicals and detergents on high places your child hands will find hard to reach.  Try to keep clutter to a minimum, which will decrease the chance of mishappening.  
13) Consider some carpeting or mats in your home decor. Higher shelves ensure that things are kept out of small hands. 
 14)  Ensure that the area 3-4 feet up from the floor is free of choking hazards, including loose change, marbles, and rubber bands.  
15) Make sure to empty bathtubs and buckets of water immediately after use. If your baby can reach the doorknob, place a childproof cover over it.  Never leave the baby in bath unsupervised not even for a few seconds.  Put a rubber or non- slip mat in the tub.  
16) Put up a window guard to protect them from the window.  
17) Remove all small magnets of your refrigerator. Secure Refrigerator with appliance lock.  
18) Avoid having anything hot when the baby is around or near. 
19) Go for a good brand and quality products for baby lock and Proofing as you will not like reapplying again and again.  
Everything is new and exciting to them, and they love to check out by tasting them. Makes sure that child can only access the area free of harm. Bubble wrap your house instead of your baby so that your child can grow and explore in a safe environment.
Happy Mammahood!
Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of (formerly mycity4kids). Any omissions or errors are the author's and Momspresso does not assume any liability or responsibility for them.


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