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The mother of Diaper- Marion Donovan

I know everyone will agree with me on this point that one of the first item babies wears is a Diaper.  The diaper is the first thing you prefer for newborn comfort.  It made our life hassle-free in many ways and I totally except that I could not imagine my life without diaper after being a Mother.   Do you know who the great person invented Diaper was?  Marion Donovan has invented the Diaper.  She is best known for developing the first waterproof disposable diaper. She was born in 1971, and her mother passed when she was very young. Her most after-school time goes in her father's manufacturing plant.  In 1946, as housewife and mother of two kids, she was juggling between everything.  The cloth diaper annoyed as it ends up soiling bedding and cloth over and over again.  She always thought of creating something more convenient and better.   The fun fact is she started making it with a shower curtain.  She tried many ways and failed many attempts. But,  who knew