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We always want to give the best and ensure the healthy growth of our child.
I have read somewhere that eggs are a gold mine of vitamins and I totally agree on that. The egg is a very versatile food that can be used in many ways in different meals.

 It is affordable and high on nutritional value. Eggs are a good source of Key nutrients that babies need, including iron for healthy blood, folate for cell growth, omega 3 fatty acids and protein. Egg contains Choline and good cholesterol which helps in the development of brain and memory.
It has the right amount of saturated fat and unsaturated fat. Minerals in eggs act as an antioxidant and helpful for building the immune system.

Eggs for Children-

It offers so much and provides sufficient calories to support growth development of children. Eggs are the perfect way to start your day, great for healthy lunch as well as dinner. You can serve as a snack and finger food.

How to introduce egg-

Egg yolk is easily digestible even for small babies. You can start with egg yolk as it is suggested for infants in the age group of 8-12 months  Introduce egg in a small amount such a by mixing in a small amount with other food ingredients.
Be careful when preparing or storing eggs. Cook eggs until the yolk is firm and make sure any food prepare with eggs are cooked well. You can give egg white alone with the yellow part after completing 1 year.
Monitor your child closely for allergic symptoms whenever you are starting with eggs.  You can serve maximum 3-4 times in a week to babies.
Always choose fresh and organic free from chemical contamination. Fresh eggs sink in water and older eggs float in water.

Egg Recipe for below 1-year babies

As suggested for below 1 year babies use the yellow part in all the recipes.
Hard-boiled yolk mash, scrambled egg yolk, ghee rice with egg yolk, Banana pancakes, egg potato scramble, Veggie egg rice, Sweet French toast etc.

Egg recipe for  1 year+ kids

You can give the whole egg now.
Veggie-Egg Omelette, Cheeze Omelette, Scrambled eggs, Hard-boiled egg, Egg sandwich, French toast, Egg paratha,  Egg pudding, Egg Muffins, Egg curry etc.

I hope you like the above information and found it useful. I will be bringing more such informative articles on Parenting, kids food tips etc.



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