Dawn -Warrior Princess of Kashmir

I finished my last reading of this 2019 last night "DAWN- The Warrior Princess of Kashmir" and it was so worthy. I want to congratulate the author @rakeshkkaul  for an amazing book.
The story is set around in 3000AD . The main character of the Story is a young girl "Dawn" who lived in a pod for 16 years of her life and then how her takes totally different turn. Dawn was only female left in the world. I like the story part where in she chooses the battle against Dushita  with a group of five outlaw boys and becomes the ultimate Warrior princess. She opt for daring path of battle at such stage of her life where in most of the girls wouldn't or couldn't take the step of any such thing.
The storyline just got better and interesting when the more certain characters evolved.
Overall it is a really good book and great Si-fi Saga. 


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