Banana Oats Muffins

My son is a picky eater and I always hunt for recipes which are nutritionally rich and equally tasty.  This is a great recipe and loved by kids as well as adults. You can prepare it regularly for breakfast or evening snacks. You can also make them as travel food or if you have a kids birthday party or regular party. You can involve your little one so that can also enjoy making healthy muffin for them. so, the recipe is here-


•Steel-cut Oats- 2 Cups
•Baking Powder- 2 tbs
•Cinnamon Powder-1tbs
•Ripe Bananas- 3
•Pinch of salt
•Honey-3 tbs
•Milk-11/2 Cups of
•Olive Oil-1/3 Cup
•Vallina Essences - 1tbs
•Preheat oven on 350 degrees F

Cooking Instructions

1). First of all, In a large bowl combine all the dry ingredients. Mix all of them nicely together and keep it aside.
2) You can use Almond milk instead of regular milk. Mashed the Bananas nicely.

Add egg and beat it for a minutes
Add milk, honey, vanilla essence mix well

Pour that in dry ingredient
mix everything and divide it equally
Place it in the muffin tray
Top it up with some chocolate chips
I mixed it in the batter only.
You can add nuts or dried berries of your choice.

Bake at 350 Degree F for 25-30 min

After getting it baked serve it hot with chocolate sauce or preserve in an airtight box in the refrigerator.

Do let me know your feedback and till then.
Happy Cooking!


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