Dalgona Coffee

These days the trend of Dalgona Coffee going Viral everywhere on Social media. Earlier even I got fascinated by the trend and decided to try out. Though the preparation and recipe are not new for me as since long we are making our normal coffee like this only. That regular "feti huyi coffee"  with chilled milk with some Ice cube is now famous as Dalgona Coffee.
So the recipe is very easy and tasty.

Serving- 3

Instant Coffee- 3 tbs
Sugar- 5-6 tablespoons
Hot water- 1/2 Cup
Milk- 2 and 1/2 Glasses
Ice Cubes

1 Step- Take a big bowl, add coffee, sugar and water. Start mixing and beating it.

2 Step- If you don't have electric beater or whisker, you can use a normal spoon to beat it. though it will take little time it will work.

3 Step-  Beat it till it becomes creamy, fluffy and light in colour.

4 Step- Take glasses to add Ice cubes to the half and add Milk in it

5 Step- Now top it with the creamy Mixture in good quantity.

6 Step- Sprinkle some cocoa powder but that is totally optional.

Your Dalgona Coffee is ready to Serve. Please let us know if you like it.
Happy Cooking!


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