Sensitive Skin Cleanser- Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

I am one of them who wants to spend more on my skincare rather than spending on makeup.
This has been my constant need also as I am blessed with sensitive skin. My skin became more sensitive like me after my pregnancy.

Now I can't decide between an anti-acne face wash and mild face wash. So, if I use any specifical design anti-acne face wash it tends to strip off all the oil and few parts of my face becomes super dry. The skin around the corner of my nose and the chin area gets flaky and irritated.

Though,  I have heard a lot about Cetaphil Products for adults and baby skin but never got my hands on them. Recently,  after a lot of testing and trial finally, I got a product which I needed.
Now,  I am regretting delaying my decision to get this one.

Key Features -

👉You can use it for face and body and suited to all types of skins.

👉It is a non-lathering formula which is mild on sensitive skin.

👉It started showing the results within 1 week.
👉It is free from soap formula and other skin irritants.

👉It is hypoallergenic.

👉You don't require a lot of product to clean your face.

My Take-
Its liquidise kind of face wash which doesn't lather. You don't require a lot of product to clean your face. It is well suited for my sensitive skin.
I started noticing the changes in a week only.
It even works after light makeup. So,  I am satisfied with the product and planning to try the moisturizer.
Stay tuned!

Price- INR 255
Quantity - 125 ml

Buying link👉


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