Magical Mythology by Stuti Gupta

 Who doesn't want to introduced Indian mythology  to their little ones and make them aware of their roots. Its obvious that hardly anyone is interested in reading holy books at such young age. Then what is the better way?  

The answer is- short and interesting stories.

@magical mythology by @stutigupta is a rich collection of traditional tales of myths.

Its has different stories with different prominent characters from Indian mythology.The stories are short and crisp and not monotus. 

The whole  book is illustrated with beautiful pictures which make it more interesting. Every stories shared a thought and moral at end.

There is puzzles which appropriate for kids and definitely a highlight of the book. 

It kept hooked for more and more stories not only my son but to me also. So, if reading heavy mythological books are not your thing then this book definitely for you. 

So, overall I totally recommended for kids as well as for above age also. 


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